Alumni Awards

Our alumni are our most important achievement and a major way in which we have an impact on the world. The Dietrich School recognizes and honors outstanding achievements of our alumni with the Distinguished Alumni Award. This Award highlights the diversity and quality of the contributions our alumni have made to the enrichment of our society and their professions.

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes and honors outstanding achievements of University of Pittsburgh Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences alumni who are distinguished in three areas:

  1. Professional Achievement: Acknowledgment of the impact on their field at the local, regional, state, and/or international levels.
  2. Service and Support to the University of Pittsburgh and/or Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences: The candidate must provide continued service to the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences or the University of Pittsburgh through personal, professional and/or philanthropic engagement. This service and support may also be demonstrated by outstanding professional performance that reflects the excellence of a degree earned at the University of Pittsburgh Dietrich School.
  3. Professional and Public Service: Acknowledgment of volunteer service and/or awards conferred by professional organizations and/or academic societies; or service with organizations that contribute to the public good.


Nominees must be alumni of the University of Pittsburgh Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences or its antecedent institutions (School of Arts and Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Sciences).


Awardees are recognized by the degree granting department at a department event of their choice; and/or by Dean Kathleen Blee.


Jane Allred (A&S '71)

Janice Holder (A&S ’71)
Lawrence J. Simpson (A&S '74G, '78G)

Michael Chabon (A&S '84)
Debbi Gillotti (A&S ’77)  
Bert A. Rockman (A&S '65)

Thaddeus Mosley (A&S ’50)

Nancy Cartwright (A&S '65)

Marlee S. Myers (A&S ’74; LAW ’77)
John B. Blystone (A&S ’75)
Bernard R. Siskin (A&S ’65)

janera solomon (A&S '98)
Nancy Targett (A&S ’72)
Leo Wegemer (A&S ’73)

Jennifer L. Bertetto (A&S '97)
Peter J. Germain (A&S '81)
Harvey S. Cohen (A&S '68)


Lily M. Ng, PhD (A&S '85G)
Mark J. Pastin, PhD (A&S '70)