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Featured Research News

Explore groundbreaking discoveries and innovative research across diverse disciplines throughout the Dietrich School, where our passionate faculty and inquisitive students are shaping the future through cutting-edge exploration and scholarly excellence.


Image of Lorraine BlattStructural Racism - Larraine Blatt, a Graduate Student Researcher with the University’s Psychology Department was recently published in the American Academy of Pediatrics for her study on structural racism. Blatt use Allegheny County as her research grounds to see how structural racism leads to fewer opportunities for children today. Read the full story.



The Cathedral of Pittsburgh on a snowy daySeed Grantees - The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has announced the recipients of grants totaling $2.5 million. The University of Pittsburgh is one of 10 schools who will be receiving $250,000 for a two-year seed grant to help make and implement plans that will help advance more diverse and equitable doctoral STEM programs. Read the full story.



Featured Awards and Accolades News

Discover the extraordinary achievements and recognition garnered by the exceptional individuals at the Dietrich School, as we celebrate a legacy of excellence through an array of prestigious awards and accolades that showcase our commitment to fostering brilliance and leadership.


a woman walking down a city streetInternship Showcase - Last fall the Pittsburgh Media Partnership brought on two Pitt students for an internship in Journalism. The students, Betul Tuncer and James Paul worked weekly to find content for PMP as well as work on their own stories that were eventually picked up by PMP members. Read the full story.



Featured costumesAward Winning Costumes - Brittany Graham, the assistant manager of the costume shop for Pitt Stages was recently awarded at The Swedish International Film Festival. Graham designed the costumes for the Titanic-Inspired film, Unsinkable which won for Best Costumes at the festival. Read the full story.



Featured Community News

Dive into the vibrant history of community engagement at the Dietrich School, where our dedicated students, faculty, and staff collaborate to create a supportive and inclusive environment, fostering a sense of belonging and meaningful connections that extend beyond the campus walls.


Pitt Day Of Giving logoInternships That Have Made An Impact - Pitt Day of Giving 2024 Impact Stories: Thanks to support from donors, students studying at Pitt were granted opportunities to pursue internships that helped them in their professional careers. Read the full story.



Marian KaelinDietrich School Student Marian Kaelin is Going Above and Beyond in the Pittsburgh Community - Marian Kaelin, a junior in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences studying Urban Planning, has been recognized by Councilperson Bob Charland for her superior work interning with his office. Read the full story.



Featured Innovation News

Embark on a journey of ingenuity and forward-thinking at the Dietrich School, where innovation is the heartbeat of our academic community, propelling groundbreaking and transformative ideas that redefine the boundaries of knowledge and shape the future.


Gender and Women's StudiesGender and Women's Studies and Studio Arts Residency - Studio Arts and Gender and Women’s Studies have come together for the first ever artist-in-residence program. The program will be open to all GSWS scholars and students majoring and minoring in Studio Arts. Read the full story.



thumbnail of scientific models and graphsPitt Researcher is Pushing the Boundaries of Quantum Physics - Gurudev Dutt, associate professor of physics and astronomy in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences has received a $2M grant from the Templeton Foundation and $470K from the Sloan Foundation to better understand the fundamental nature of gravity. Read the full story.



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