Subaward Monitoring and Invoice Approval

When a portion of a sponsored project is contracted out to another institution via a subaward, Pitt is still responsible for the conduct of the subawardee, both financially and programmatically.  Thus, it is imperative that PIs remain closely engaged with the progress of work done and costs incurred by subawardees under their prime awards.

Subaward Monitoring

  • The PI retains overall responsibility for the prime award at Pitt and any subawards issued thereunder.  No funds will be authorized for payment to subawardee institutions without the written approval of the PI (see invoice approval process below).
  • PIs should bring any issues with performance by subawardees to the attention of their post-award administrator as soon as they arise.  The terms of most subawards require a minimum of 30 days’ notice for early termination, and any allowable costs incurred by subcontracts in advance of termination must be paid.  The earlier that an issue is raised, the easier it is to resolve.

Invoice Approval 

  • Subaward invoices are directed to the post-award administrators in the Dietrich School.  When an invoice is received, the post-award administrator will perform a high-level review and, if there are no problems, will forward the invoice to the PI.
  • Upon receiving an invoice for review, the PI should review the costs incurred during the invoiced period.  Before approving the invoice, the PI should also consider the subawardee’s performance, including fulfillment of any milestones or deliverables and adherence to the statement of work.  
  • If the PI approves of the invoice, he or she will sign and return the invoice to the post-award administrator.  The PI, by signing the invoice, indicates his or her satisfaction with the subawardee’s performance, and authorizes payment of the invoice to the subawardee institution.

Sponsored Projects COVID-19 Updates

Several federal sponsors have created websites and issued guidance with FAQs, policy updates, and other information relating to proposals and awards impacted by COVID-19: