Final Reports

There are a wide range of reports that become due when an award expires, and most sponsors will not official “close out” an expired award until all reporting requirements have been met.  This section includes guidance on the most common types of final reports and who at Pitt is responsible for preparing and submitting them. 


Final Technical Reports

  • Almost all awards require some form of final report detailing the work done during the period of performance. 
  • The majority of federal grants and cooperative agreements have a final technical report deadline of 90 days after the expiration date of the award. 
  • Non-federal awards and Subawards from other universities will vary depending on the prime sponsor and what is involved in the statement of work.  If you are unsure about the final reporting requirements, you can consult with your post-award administrator.
  • The principal investigator is generally responsible for the preparation and submission of the final technical report.  Some sponsors may require financial or other non-technical data in the final report, and in such cases, your post-award administrator and Sponsored Projects Accounting are available to assist.

Final Financial Reports

  • In most cases, all financial reports, final or otherwise, will be prepared and by Pitt’s Office of Sponsored Projects Accounting. 
  • Sometimes, financial data is required to be submitted as part of a broader final report, and in these cases, the financial portions may be prepared by or in conjunction with Sponsored Projects Accounting and then incorporated into the larger final report. 

Intellectual Property Reports/Final Invention Statements

  • The responsible office for intellectual property related matters at Pitt is the Innovation Institute.  Any questions about invention reporting, patent filings, etc. should be directed to that office. 
  • For federal awards that require the submission of a final IP report or invention statement, the Office of Sponsored Programs handles the submission of these reports.  They may require input from the PI, the Innovation Institute, or both if there is IP and/or invention data to report, but the actual submission of the report is handled by OSP.

Final (Tangible) Property Reports

  • Certain sponsors (NASA and select Dept. of Energy Labs and Offices to name a few) require reporting of government furnished proposal and grantee acquired property (i.e. items purchased with federal award funds).
  • For these awards, your post-award administrator will assist you in completing and submitting such reports in coordination with Procurement, Sponsored Projects Accounting, and/or Office of Sponsor Programs depending on the exact sponsor requirement.

Sponsored Projects COVID-19 Updates

Several federal sponsors have created websites and issued guidance with FAQs, policy updates, and other information relating to proposals and awards impacted by COVID-19: