New Course

New courses must be entered via Curriculog. Ask your department chair about the departmental procedure to approve new courses. If your department is not authorized to approve its own new courses, contact Elizabeth Taylor at 412-624-2036 or for forms and information on submitting a proposal to Dietrich School Undergraduate Council.

Submissions for the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Council should be delivered electronically in Word or PDF format. The deadline for submissions is November 1 for the subsequent summer and fall term and March 15 for the subsequent spring term. Include one copy of the PeopleSoft Course Catalog Update form and a typed abstract with your proposal.

Review the guidelines for submission of a new or existing course to fulfill one of the Dietrich School General Education Requirements.

Note to Chairs:
Your signature indicates that you and the appropriate faculty or committee in your department believe that there is a demonstrated need for this course in your department’s curriculum, and you have adequate resources, including TA support when appropriate, to offer this course on a regular basis. Your signature can be indicated either by a scanned copy of a signed cover page or by submission of an e-mail to; the body of the e-mail should include your endorsement and the course subject and number.