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Dietrich School Humanities and Social Science Research Fund

The Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences fosters excellence and a vibrant intellectual culture across the disciplines of the Humanities and Social Sciences. It helps fund individual and collaborative research and creative activity across these domains and seeks to build the faculty’s and departments’ capacity for high-impact and for externally funded research. Aligning school-level funding with recently enhanced central funding opportunities through the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research (OSVCR), the Dietrich School Humanities and Social Science Research Fund addresses the research funding needs of our tenure-track and tenured faculty. This integrates the previous FRSP (Faculty Research and Scholarship Program), Faculty Grant Committee summer research stipends, and subsidies for scholarly book publications.

The role of the elected Faculty Grants Committee (FGC) in allocating these school-level funds will be enhanced. FGC consists of ten members elected to three-year terms by the Dietrich School Council. Five positions are allocated to the humanities, three to the social sciences, and two to the natural sciences.

Please see below for an overview of the three major funding streams.

Subventions for High-Profile Book Publications
The Dietrich School, via the Edwards Publication Fund, offers subventions for high-profile scholarly book publications by tenure-stream and tenured faculty. Funds are limited and distributed on a competitive basis.

Deadlines: February 15, June 15, October 15

For further details on the publication fund, please see

Summer Term Research Stipend Program for Untenured Faculty
The purpose of this program is to enable faculty members on the tenure track to work full-time on research projects for a minimum of two consecutive summer months. Assistant Professors are eligible for one summer term research stipend ($6,000) between the second summer following the start of their appointment to the faculty and the term in which they submit their tenure dossier.

Deadline: January 15

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Symposia, Conferences, Performances

Major National Conferences @ Pitt
The Dietrich School offers one annual award of up to $25,000 toward the cost of hosting and co-sponsoring the conference of a prestigious national or international learned society or disciplinary association to be convened at the University of Pittsburgh. Interested faculty should contact Associate Dean for Research, Holger Hoock, for an exploratory meeting. Requests and allocations would typically be expected to be made two or more years in advance of the conference date.

Other Symposia, Conferences, Performances
Competitive funds are available to support high-profile symposia, conferences, and performances in the Humanities and Social Sciences that will have an impact on faculty research and scholarship broader than what could be achieved by individual research allowances alone. The lead proposer must be a faculty member whose contract includes an expectation of research and publishing, but others can collaborate. We are especially interested in soliciting applications from junior faculty, recently tenured faculty, and faculty who have not received funds from the previous Faculty and Research Scholarship Program.

September 15, 2019 for events to be funded in FY20
January 15, 2020 for events to be funded in FY21

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Funding Opportunities through the Offices of the Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor for Research:

The Pitt Momentum Funds integrate and extend the Central Research Development Fund (CRDF), the Social Science Research Initiative (SSRI), and the Special Initiative to Promote Scholarly Activities in the Humanities (SIPSAH). The Momentum Fund will continue to support high-quality research, scholarship, and creative endeavors, but now at three distinct scales.

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