Subventions for High-Profile Book Publications

The Dietrich School, via the Edwards Publication Fund, offers subventions for high-profile scholarly book publications by tenure-stream and tenured faculty. Funds are limited and distributed on a competitive basis.

Terms: Books must have been accepted by a university or other scholarly press that requires some subsidy to cover a part of the production costs. This might entail, e.g., reproduction of images or permission fees. We cannot cover the costs of routine author activities such as indexing or proofreading. Funds are not intended for basic publication or manufacturing costs. Textbooks can only be considered if they represent a substantial independent scholarly contribution. Proposals should only be submitted for expenses that have not yet been paid and are not due to be paid before funding awards are announced. Priority is given to faculty who can demonstrate that publication will have an impact on promotion in rank. Subventions are limited to one subsidy of up to $2,500 per book and one subvention every three years per faculty member. At the point of application, faculty must demonstrate that they have pursued other University as well as external sources of funding toward the cost of the required subsidy. Faculty whose annual research allowance and/or remaining start-up fund is $2,000 or more must commit matching funds. Emeritus faculty are not eligible for funding. Funds must be spent within the fiscal year in which an award is made or the following fiscal year. Submitting an application does not guarantee funding.

Faculty should apply only after the book manuscript has been accepted for publication by a university or other scholarly press.

Please submit a single PDF attached to an email to Subject line: “Edwards Fund Application”. The PDF must contain the following materials in this order:

  1. Application letter, including a brief summary of the manuscript and a statement explaining how the book in question relates to the applicant’s prospective promotion in rank.
  2. A letter of endorsement by the publisher that confirms that the MS has been accepted, states a (provisional) date of publication, and includes a) a breakdown of publication costs, b) a statement that a subvention is necessary and the amount required, and c) reference to any publication advances the author received from the publisher.
  3. Two reports attesting to the merits of the manuscript, one from the publisher or editor, and one from a recognized scholar in the field. These would ordinarily be the editor’s letter of commitment to publication and one of the external readers’ reports.
  4. A statement of the amount requested, and an account of other internal and external funds applied for and funds awarded (or date of decision if outcome pending) and of matching funds committed from the faculty member’s research allowance toward the total cost of the subvention required by the publisher.
  5. Brief C.V. (2 pages max)

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Deadlines: February 15, June 15, October 15

Notification: by end of the month of application