New Certificate Program, Area of Concentration, or Minor

Proposals must be entered via Curriculog and must include the following:

  1. The names of
    • The individual initiating the proposal
    • The responsibility center wherein the change is to occur
    • The programs to be developed
    • The department affected by the change
    • The date of the proposal
  2. A description of the academic requirements of the new program, a comparison with requirements of similar programs offered by the unit, and a discussion of new courses, internships, research experience, etc., which must be introduced to offer the program.
  3. The effects, if any, that the proposed program will have on other units of the University.
  4. A discussion of the budget impact of the program, including both new income and new cost.
  5. A list of faculty groups and administrators that have been consulted and a summary of their comments on the proposed certificate program, area of concentration, or minor.

In addition, proposals for new certificate programs must include the following:

  1. The rationale for the proposed new certificate program, specifically explaining either the relation of the proposed change(s) to the current mission and goals articulated in the long-range plans of the University, the responsibility center, and/or the department, or the external and internal environmental influences or trends justifying the proposed change(s), if the change is not a specific part of the current long-range plan.
  2. Projected enrollments, student credit hours, and certificates awarded.
  3. A description of an evaluation procedure to assess attainment of the objectives of the proposed certificate program.

Submit proposals to the Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, 140 Thackeray Hall. If you have any questions, contact Elizabeth Taylor at 624-2036 or