Review by the Dean of Departmental Recommendations for Promotion to Professor

Adopted by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences on October 28, 1976;
Amended by FASC on March 21, 1978;  
Amended by FAS on October 28, 1980, March 24, 1981, February 25, 1982, and October 23, 1984; 
Amended by FASC on January 23, 1985; 
Edited on July 1, 1985;  
Amended by FAS on February 8, 1996, April 1, 1998, April 24, 2001, and April 16, 2003.

Before acting on a recommendation for promotion to Professor, the Dean shall seek the advice of a Review Committee composed in the following manner:

The Dean shall meet with the Selection Committee of the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Tenure Council, to choose members of the Review Committee. (See Section C points 1-5 for description of Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Tenure Council.)

Each Review Committee shall consist of five members, all of whom must hold the rank of Professor, including two members named by the Selection Committee from among the members of the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Tenure Council, and three members named by the Dean.

One or two of the faculty members named by the Dean may be from schools or faculties of the University other than Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences or from other academic institutions.

The Review Committee shall elect a Chairperson whose duty it shall be to Chair meetings and to prepare the report of the Committee.

The report of each Review Committee shall be distributed to a representative of the department's Professors, with deletion of attributions to individual members of the Review Committee. A numerical vote of the Review Committee shall be included in the report.

The Chairperson of the Review Committee shall invite the Dean, and, where appropriate, the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, and the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, to attend all meetings as non-voting participants.

When the Chairperson is not of full rank, a representative of the Professors AND the Chairperson should be invited to appear before the Review Committee. The representative of the Professors should take the lead. When the Chairperson is not of full rank, he/she should not have primary responsibility for presenting the case.

In reviewing a recommendation for promotion, the Review Committee shall seek, on the basis of the materials provided by the Dean, the department, and the candidate, and such other evidence as the Committee finds necessary, to assess the candidate's level of achievement both as a teacher and as a scholar. The rank of Professor recognizes the attainment of authoritative knowledge and reputation in a recognized field of learning and the achievement of effective teaching skill. In arriving at a recommendation the Review Committee shall be governed so far as possible by uniform standards of excellence as established from time to time by the University as a whole and by the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. Applications of these standards shall take account of the special characteristics of the several academic disciplines and the peculiar needs of the individual departments.

If the materials that have been provided to the Review Committee suffer from lacunae or other deficiencies such that the Committee cannot proceed in a reasonable way, the Committee shall return these materials to the Dean and postpone further discussion in the case until the deficiencies in the candidate's dossier have been remedied. In cases where there are few Professors in the department, the Review Committee may be asked by the Dean to assemble the dossier of the candidate.

As soon as possible, the Chairperson of the Review Committee shall report in writing the results of the Committee's deliberations to the Dean. The report shall include the results of a vote on the question of whether to recommend promotion.

The Dean shall report on his or her action in each case to the Review Committee, the representative of the Professors of the department, and the candidate. The Dean at that time shall also inform the candidate at the candidate's request of the names of the members of the Review Committee. Normally, the Dean shall make a decision within six months after receiving the departmental recommendation.

The Secretary of the Tenure Council shall report annually to the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. The report shall include a statistical summary and analysis of the year's cases and their disposition.