Blackout Dates & Deadlines

Blackout Dates & Deadlines

Planning events can be stressful, especially when trying to decide what the best time is to hold your event. To help guide you and your collaborators on choosing a proper event date, please keep the below blackout dates and deadlines in mind.


Deadline for Event Requests

The Arts & Sciences Event Management Team wants to ensure that your event has the best chance for success. To assist in providing adequate planning and promotion time for your events we strongly encourage you to contact the team within the suggested timeframe:

                Six (6) Weeks’ Notice for events with 40 or less attendees

                Eight (8) Weeks’ Notice for events with 60 – 100 attendees

                Three (3) to Four (4) Months’ Notice for large conferences and events with 100 or more attendees

Please note that requests made below these timeframes may be subject to approval based on available resources.


Request Blackout Dates

To continue serving faculty effectively we have instituted requests blackout dates during times when resources tend to be depleted. No new event requests will be processed during this timeframe:

                Fall Term: December 20th – December 31st

                Spring Term: April 1st – May 1st

If an Event Initiation Form is submitted within this timeframe it will not receive a response until the blackout window has closed. All events in before and after this window of time will be managed as normal.


Event Blackout Dates

Over the years several time periods have revealed themselves to be less than ideal for hosting events. We desire to give your events the best chance at success, which is why these times are blocked off for hosting events:

                University Closed Dates (National Holidays and Observations)

                Winter Recess

                Spring Break

                The two (2) weeks leading up to Graduation

                Graduation Weekend

                Finals Week (Exception given to study breaks hosted by departments and/or programs)


Please note that the exact dates of these event block times vary each academic year. Please refer to the academic calendar for the exact dates during the current academic year.