Internships That Have Made An Impact

Pitt Day of Giving 2024 Impact Stories:

Thanks to support from donors, students studying at Pitt were granted opportunities to pursue internships that helped them in their professional careers.

Ebonee Rice-Nguyen interned for the Pittsburgh Institute for Nonprofit Journalism which was made possible by a donation from Marjorie Waters and Myles Gordan, the parents of the late Alex Waters Gordon, the former managing editor of the Pittsburgh City Paper and Pitt Alum. Through this internship Ebonee was able to assist in creating Pennsylvania’s first-ever jail death database and uncover some major discrepancies in the jail/prison system.

Alexandra Ross, who graduated in 2023 interned with PublicSource thanks to donations. Ross now works as a news associate with CNN.

Tarna Batelman and Clio Begnal were a part of the Linguistics Internship program. Batelman, who graduated in 2023 was able to pursue an internship with Wikitongues which is a nonprofit company that focuses on revitalizing language. Batelman said “Without the donor, I would not have been able to take enough time off of working my other job to partake in this internship!”

Begnal, who also graduated in 2023, was the first graduate recipient of the program and was able to take an unpaid summer internship which enabled them to receive much-needed experience.

Thank you to all our donors. They make a world of a difference with our students and help them to excel in their studies and beyond.