iTunes U

Community generated content is a key frontier in digital media and Apple has offered an opportunity for universities to adapt to this environment through harnessing the extraordinary success of iTunes to further educational goals. The idea is to enable colleges and universities to create content (audio, video, visual materials, etc.) that becomes part of the iTunes store and can be downloaded freely by students, faculty, friends, and the general population all over the world. The Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences is pleased to be an active participant in the University of Pittsburgh iTunes U initiative.

The power of the concept is obvious, and the audiences we anticipate reaching through this resource are both internal and external, and include non-traditional students seeking to learn from the resources of the University, prospective students “shopping” for schools, our own faculty seeking a new way to share sophisticated digital content with their students, and alumni and friends seeking to catch up on the University.

It is essential that the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences take a lead in this project, and we invite members of our faculty and staff to learn more about the processes and tools available through the University’s Office of Computing Services and Systems Development and.Center for Teaching and Learning.

The School’s iTunes U content administrator is Carol Mullen, director of communications. Please contact her with any questions about how you can be a part of this exciting initiative.