Dietrich School Leadership

(Effective 4/1/21 unless otherwise indicated)

Administration   Contact Main Office Phone Fax
Dean Kathleen Blee Lisa Lang 917 CL 624-1164 624-6089
Associate Dean for Faculty Kay Brummond Jocelyn Figurel 917 CL 624-5258 624-6089
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research Holger Hoock Kathleen Monin 5141 SENSQ 624-3939 624-6855
Associate Dean for Faculty Recruitment and Research Development Adam Leibovich Jocelyn Figurel 917 CL 624-5258 624-6089
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies and the College of General Studies John Twyning Maryellen Gannon 140 THACK 624-6482 624-8265
Executive Director for Staff Personnel and Senior Assistant Dean Michele Montag Jocelyn Figurel 917 CL 624-0266 624-6089
Executive Director for Financial and Physical Resources Patrick Cunningham Jocelyn Figurel 917 CL 624-0266 624-6089
Senior Advisor to the Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Tara Meyer dsdiversity@pitt.edu 917 CL 624-8635  
Senior Staff   Contact Main Office Phone Fax
Director, Diversity Initiatives and Academic Affairs, Graduate Studies Philippa Carter   5141 SENSQ 624-6096  
Director, Shared Research Support Services Pete Chambers   605 CHVRN 383-5071  
Senior Executive Director of Development Tom Golightly   416 CL 624-3201  
Division Administrator, Humanities Jim Griffin   1221 CL 383-4149  
Executive Director, Undergraduate Studies and the College of General Studies Jessica Hatherill   140 THACK 624-9894  
Division Administrator, Social Sciences Linda Howard   2205 WWPH 383-0755  
Director, Graduate Student Admissions Lisa Kubick   5141 SENSQ 624-6095  
Executive Administrator, Dean's Office Lisa Lang   917 CL 624-1164  
Director, Workforce Effectiveness Maureen Lazar   917 CL 383-4314  
Director, Payroll/Personnel Kelly Lloyd   917 CL 624-0461  
Director, Communications and Undergraduate Recruitment Carol Mullen   917 CL 624-2136  
Director of Information Systems and Technology Craig Muscato   412 CL 624-2690  
Director, Sponsored Projects Administration Jeffrey Petsis     624-9061  
Division Administrator, Natural Sciences Linda Howard#     383-0755  
Senior Director for Business and Finance Mat Romick   917 CL 624-9064  
Assistant Deans          
Assistant Dean for Appointment Stream Faculty Lynn Clarke lclarke@pitt.edu 917 CL    
Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies and Academic Integrity Officer Rosemary Capo rcapo@pitt.edu 5141 SENSQ 624-8873  
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Academic Integrity Officer Danielle Andrews-Brown   140 THACK 624-6480  
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies George Bandik   140 THACK 624-6480  
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies Frayda Cohen   140 THACK 624-6480  
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies Ljiljana Duraskovic   140 THACK 624-6480  
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies Megan Kappel   140 THACK 624-6480  
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies Andrew Lotz   140 THACK 624-6480  
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies Liann Tsoukas   140 THACK 624-6480  
Undergraduate Student Services Director Contact Main Office Phone Fax
Academic Advising Derek Fischer Laura McClain 201 THACK 383-3527   
First Year Programs Bianca DeJesus Rachel Clites 320 THACK 624-6844  
Institute for Professional and Continuing Studies in the College of General Studies Antonio Quarterman   1400 WWPH 624-7318  
Student Records and Academic Administration Susan L. Crain   140 THACK 624-6776  
Student Support Services Michele Lagnese LaShon Jackson 208 THACK 624-6588  
Study Lab and the McCarl Center Mary Napoli   G1 GSCC 648-1203  
Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Patrick J. Mullen Laura Nelson G1 GSCC 383-5960   
College in High School Michael Giazzoni   G1 GSCC 624-6828  
Academic Department/Program Chair/Director Contact Main Office Phone Fax
Africana Studies Yolanda Covington-Ward Cindy Graf 4140 WWPH 648-7555 648-7214
Allegheny Observatory David Turnshek Louis Coban Allegheny Observatory 321-2400 321-0606
Anthropology Nicole Constable Sloane Kozyak 3302 WWPH 648-7530 648-7535
Architectural Studies* Drew Armstrong cda68@pitt.edu 104 FFA 648-2400 648-2792
Bioethics* Lisa Parker Beth Ann Pischke 519 BARCO LIBRARY 648-7120 647-5877
Biological Sciences Jeffrey Lawrence Deanna Wolkiewicz A234 LANGY 624-4350 624-4759
Chemistry Sunil Saxena Michele Monaco 234 CHVRN 624-0415 624-1649
Children's Literature* Courtney Weikle-Mills Sarah Baumann 501 CL 624-6508 624-6639
Classics/Philosophy/Ancient Science* Christian Wildberg Victoria Donahoe 1518 CL 624-5768 624-4419
Classics Mark Possanza Victoria Donahoe 1518 CL 624-4494 624-4419
Communication Lester Olson Lois Wade 1432 CL 624-6807 624-1878
Cultural Studies* Ron Zboray Shannon Falk 401 CL 624-7232 624-6492
East Asian Languages and Literatures Hiroshi Nara Victoria Donahoe 1518 CL 624-5568 624-3458
Economics David Huffman (SS) Wynn Maloney 4901 WWPH 648-1732 648-1793
English Gayle Rogers Sarah Baumann 526 CL 624-6509 624-6639
Film and Media Studies* Randall Halle Trevor Hardwick 454 CL 624-6564 683-6999
French and Italian Todd Reeser Briar Somerville 1228 CL 624-5906 624-6263
Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies* Nancy Glazener Shannon Falk 401 CL 624-7232 624-6492
Geology and Environmental Science Josef Werne (NS) Annemarie Vranesevic 200 SRCC 624-8779 624-8784
German John Lyon (H) Victoria Donahoe 1518 CL 624-5909 624-6318
Hispanic Languages and Literatures Jerome Branche Briar Somerville 1228 CL 624-5906 624-8505
History Diego Holstein Cynthia Graf 3702 WWPH 648-7455 648-9074
History and Philosophy of Science Michael Dietrich Matt Ceraso 11098 CL 624-5896 624-6825
History of Art and Architecture Jennifer Josten

Karoline Swiontek

104 FFA 648-2421 648-2792
Jewish Studies* Irina Livezeanu Trevor Hardwick 2604 CL 624-5990 624-5994
Linguistics Scott Kiesling Allison Thompson 2816 CL 624-5938 624-6130
Mathematics Jonathan Rubin Dana Freund 301 THACK 624-8361 624-8397
Medieval and Renaissance Studies* Chris Nygren Shannon Falk 1328 CL 624-5990 624-6263
Music Adriana Helbig** Jim Griffin 110 MUSIC 624-4127 624-4186
Neuroscience Steve Meriney Deanna Wolkiewicz A210 LANGY 624-5043 624-9198
Philosophy James Shaw Diana Volkar 1126C CL 624-5768 624-5377
Physics and Astronomy Arthur Kosowsky Michele Slogan 100 ALLEN 624-6381 624-9163
Political Science Jonathan Woon Wynn Maloney 4600 WWPH 648-7290 648-7277
Psychology Julie Fiez Bonnie Sampson 3131 SENSQ 624-4501 624-4428
Religious Studies Adam Shear Allison Thompson 2604 CL 624-5990 624-5994
Slavic Languages and Literatures Bella Grigoryan Briar Somerville 1228 CL 624-5906 624-9714
Sociology Lisa Brush# Wynn Maloney 2400 WWPH 648-7583 648-2799
Statistics Satish Iyengar Steven Haines 1800 WWPH 624-7149 648-8814
Studio Arts Lenore Thomas Alyssa DiFolco 118 FFA 648-2430 624-3660
Theatre Arts Annmarie Duggan Maggie Bupp 1617 CL 624-6780 624-6338
Urban Studies* Michael Glass# Cynthia Graf  3500 WWPH 648-7489 648-9074
Centers Director Contact/Admin Campus Address Best Method of Contact  
Center for African American Poetry and Poetics Dawn Lundy Martin Trevor Hardwick 464 CL caapp@pitt.edu  
Center for Bioethics and Health Law Lisa Parker   Barco Law Building, Ste 519 bioethics@pitt.edu  
Center for Comparative Archeology Robert Drennan   3302 WWPH comparch@pitt.edu  
Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies Nancy Condee Sara Passerini 4200 WWPH crees@pitt.edu  
Climate and Global Change Center Mark Abbott   200 SRCC climctr@pitt.edu  
Discipline-Based Science Education Research Center Chandralekha Singh Barbara Delraso   barbara.delraso@pqi.org  
European Studies Center Jae-Jae Spoon Lizz Schellin 4200 WWPH europeanstudies@pitt.edu  
Global Studies Center Michael Goodhart   4100 WWPH global@pitt.edu  
Humanities Center David Marshall & Carla Nappi   602 CL humctr@pitt.edu  
Institute for Writing Excellence Jean Grace   501K CL writinst@pitt.edu  
Pittsburgh Particle Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology Center Tao Han   100 ALLEN dept@phyast.pitt.edu  
World History Center Ruth Mostern David Ruvolo 3900 Posvar Hall whc@pitt.edu  

* indicates program
** indicates acting dean/chair/director
# indicates interim dean/chair/director
(H)/(NS)/(SS) These are the division chairs for Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences.