Reappointment in the Appointment Stream

During the first term of a faculty member's appointment, the Chair should arrange a meeting to discuss faculty development and the process of review and re-appointment. Normally, a newly appointed lecturer serves on one or more one-year contracts before making the transition to a three-year appointment. During the probationary period of one-year appointments, contract renewal should be based primarily on teaching effectiveness. The period also should be used to assess the potential of the new faculty member to contribute to our undergraduate mission beyond the classroom. The Department Chair may recommend a three-year appointment as soon as substantial evidence is at hand concerning the candidate's teaching effectiveness.

During the Chair's initial meeting with the newly appointed faculty member, the Chair should explain that the faculty member is responsible for maintaining a portfolio that documents the nature of their teaching assignments and their effectiveness as a teacher and educator. The following materials are recommended for the teaching portfolio:

  • A history of teaching assignments that records the course numbers, course names, and enrollments for each course taught during the evaluation period. If any course is team-taught, this also should be noted.
  • A personal statement concerning the faculty member's goals as a teacher and teaching methods.
  • A statement of the faculty member's goals for professional development in the current evaluation period.
  • Self-evaluation and evaluation criteria.
  • Peer and senior faculty evaluations, to be coordinated by the Department Chair, should be based on classroom observations and a review of relevant course materials.
  • Evidence of participation in national, regional, and/or local pedagogical organizations.
  • Student evaluations administered by the Office of Measurement and Evaluation and/or by your department.
  • Grade distribution reports.
  • A representative sample of course materials.
  • Syllabi for new courses developed.
  • Statement of related non-classroom activity, such as committee work, papers and presentations, software development, or teaching seminars developed.

Although all faculty members are reviewed on an annual basis, a more thorough review must be conducted at those times when a faculty member is being considered for possible contract renewals. The timing of such reviews must be such that in the event a contract is not renewed the University's guidelines for notification are met.

The Chair's cover letter recommending reappointment should summarize the candidate's contributions to the department and the need for the continued appointment of the individual. All T/TS faculty members of the department and any appointment stream faculty (AS) members of higher rank should take a vote.

The following enclosures are required for the AS reappointment file, to be sent to the Senior Associate Dean:

  • Chair’s recommendation letter, which should include a tally of the faculty vote.
  • An up-to-date curriculum vita.
  • Copies of annual evaluation letter sent to the faculty member.
  • Copies of the faculty member’s OMET evaluations.
  • The faculty member’s Employee Record form.
  • A draft reappointment offer letter should be sent electronically to the Associate Dean for Faculty Recruitment and Research Development

In accordance with the Immigration Reform Act of 1986, the duration of appointments or reappointment of individuals other than American citizens or permanent residents may not extend beyond the expiration date of their employment authorization.

In the case of Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates where the Provost does not send an official appointment letter, it is the responsibility of the Department Chair to do so or the Department Chair may delegate this responsibility to the faculty supervisor. In either case, such letters should state the terms of the appointment, including start and end dates of the contract, the salary to be received for that period, and any other considerations such as vacation allowance, etc. A photocopy of the letter, along with a signed acceptance by the candidate, must accompany all forms submitted to the Dean's Office for appointment and/or reappointment.

In cases where the salary of the Fellow or Research Associate is supported by grant funds, the letter from the Chair/faculty supervisor should also include a sentence stating that renewal of the appointment is contingent upon the continuation of grant funds. Please note that should grant support be exhausted before the end of the appointment period, the faculty supervisor's department bears fiscal responsibility for the remainder of the appointment period. Under unusual circumstances related to grant funding or performance, such appointments may be established on a month-to-month basis, with permission of the Dean.