Dietrich School Director Wins Chancellor's Award for Research Support

Pete Chambers, the Dietrich School's Director of Shared Research Support Services, has been selected to receive the 2018-19 Chancellor's Staff Award in the Research Support category. The award recognizes a staff member who has worked to advance the University's research efforts, including, but not limited to conducting research and providing other forms of research support.

In his letter notifying Chambers of this honor, Chancellor Patrick Gallagher wrote, "One of the pillars of the University's Strategic Plan is to be a university engaged in research that has the potential to significantly impact society through collaborative and multidisciplinary approaches and to facilitate internal collaboration to enrich the interdisciplinarity of our academic endeavors and enhance operational efficiency. Certainly, the establishment of the Shared Research Support Services, where you serve as founding Director, addresses those two goals." 

Chambers will be honored at an event later this year.