International Studies Co-Major

The International Studies Co-Major within the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences was launched in 2022 to give students a route to both an International Studies Major degree option as well as a way to personalize their other major(s) to the study of the international. At the University of Pittsburgh, and in the Dietrich School, our majors are not isolated from international studies, but all are already informed by study of the international. Thus, the Co-Major: the first Co-Major at the University of Pittsburgh. Instead of simply being an International Studies major like most other Universities run these programs, at the Dietrich School we see the study of the international as inherently linked to all of our departments and programs. This way our students are prepared for the modern workplace, where every facet of human society and life is cross-cut with international connection and phenomena.  Students pursuing this co-major will be pursuing at least one additional, traditional major.

What is a co-major?

Where are you on your career path?  Let us help you take the next step. Explore how the unique structure of the Co-Major prepares students for lives of impact through educational experiences tailored to their specific goals and needs. Discover the innovative ways the International Studies Co-Major can help you achieve your academic goals here.

Requirements and Offered Courses

There are so many options and possibilities, you are going to find the right one for whatever you’re seeking: whether you’re choosing by interest area, topical connection, or even the classic student decision of which courses might cluster for a schedule that allows time for internships. View course requirements and options here.

Innovative Pathways

International Studies students are viewed as desirable candidates for employment and higher education positions due to recognized interdisciplinary efficiency.  Learn more about the personalized pathways available to supplement your academic goals.

Enhancing your International Studies Degree

Studying the international is something that the University of Pittsburgh supports across the entire campus. The Co-Major is distinct from but supportive of other University programs that also look at international issues.  Learn more about how these programs can complement the International Studies Co-Major.

Advisor Resources

For Advisors and Departmental Advisors in the Dietrich School, the International Studies Co-Major is a chance for you to truly let your students personalize their degree, and tailor their choices to their broader course of study.

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