Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Planning and Budgeting Committee

The Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Planning and Budgeting Committee advises the Dean regarding budgetary matters and planning in the framework of the University's Planning and Budgeting System.

The committee is comprised of the Dean of the Dietrich School; the Associate Dean for Faculty Recruitment and Research Development; the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs; the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research; the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, and 12 other members who serve staggered 3-year terms and are chosen as follows: 3 Faculty members elected by the Dietrich School Council; 3 T/TS Faculty members elected by division; 3 AS Faculty members elected by division; 3 Staff members elected by division; 3 Graduate student members appointed by Dietrich School GSO.

Membership AY 2019-20:

Ex-Officio Chair: 
Kathleen Blee, Bailey Dean of Arts and Sciences

Vice Chair:
Adam Leibovich, Associate Dean for Faculty Recruitment and Research Development

Elected Dietrich School Council Representatives: 
David Huffman, Economics (SS)
Jeffrey Lawrence, Biological Sciences (NS)
Dawn McCormick, Linguistics (H)

Elected T/TS Faculty Representatives:
Giuseppina Mecchia, French and Italian Languages and Literatures (H)
Lucas Mentch, Statistics (NS)
Jae Jae Spoon, Political Science (SS)

Elected Appointment Stream Faculty Representatives:
Suzanna Gribble, Biological Sciences (NS)
Meredith Guthrie, Communication (H)
Leslie Hammond, History (SS)

Elected Staff Representatives:
Kristin Hopkins, English (H)
Evon Nigro, Chemistry (NS)
Georgia Spears, Economics (SS)

Dietrich School Associate Deans: 
Kay Brummond, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Holger Hoock, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research
John Twyning, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Dietrich School Graduate Student Members
Maria-del-Carmen Barrios
Deborah Danuser
Xinyi Wu

Dietrich School Planning and Budgeting Committee Resource Personnel:
Patrick Cunningham, Executive Director for Physical and Financial Resources
Michele Montag, Executive Director for Staff Personnel and Senior Assistant Dean
Tom Golightly, Senior Executive Director of Development
Jessica Hatherill, Senior Director, Undergraduate Studies
Carol Mullen, Director of Communications and Undergraduate Recruitment
Rebecca Roadman, Director of Special Projects and Initiatives
Alyson Sved, Administrative Coordinator
Barbara L. Vattimo, Assistant Dean for Business and Finance