Event Checklist


While not all-inclusive, these prompts can help guide your conversation with faculty members requesting your assistance in planning their events. Download the PDF.

Type of Event

  • Conference
  • Lecture
  • Meeting
  • Panel Discussion
  • Reading
  • Reading/Book Signing
  • Symposium
  • Workshop
  • Other  ______________________

 Contact Person/Decision Maker

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number/Fax number
  • E-mail


  • Source of funds
  • Account numbers required (travel, entertainment, accommodations, honoraria, printing,     flowers, labor, office supplies, photographer, disability accommodations, etc.)


  • Location(s) for event (not all preferences can be accommodated, will depend on     availability, capacity, etc.)
  • Location for reception
  • Location for dinner
  • Rental or lease agreement

 Disability Access and Accommodations for Speakers, Special Guests, and Participants

  • Accessible location
  • Special transportation
  • Accessible hotel room
  • Lowered podium
  • Wheelchair access to stage
  • Special seating section
  • Sign language interpreter


  • Invitation
  • Background information (CV; publicity photograph; title of lecture, if applicable; audio     and video release forms, if applicable; background reading material, if applicable)
  • Speaker’s/panelists’ contact information, including telephone numbers
  • Honorarium
  • Campus escort(s)
  • Travel plans
  • Accommodations
  • Ground transportation between airport/hotel and campus
  • Campus shuttle transportation
  • Parking/parking passes
  • Identify individual to introduce speaker/panelists at event and/or moderate panel
  • Thank you/honorarium and expense reimbursement
  • One of three guest speaker agreements is required and must be signed BEFORE the event
  • A W-9 is required if an honorarium is paid


  • Invitations
  • Travel plans
  • Campus escorts
  • Accommodations
  • Ground transportation between airport/hotel and campus
  • Campus shuttle transportation
  • Parking/parking passes


  • Design/Printing/Email
  • Guest list
  • Include campus map on invitation?
  • Response deadline date (for Campus Catering, Facilities, etc.)
  • Person/telephone number to whom to respond
  • Internal distribution, if appropriate
  • Extra invitations for archive files?
  • Name and telephone number of contact person


  • Budget
  • Menu-planning (mindful of dietary restrictions)
  • Number of tables and chairs for dining
  • Number of chairs at head table
  • Flowers
  • Linens
  • Final guest count
  • Place cards?
  • Host/Emcee
  • Schedule of evening/timeline
  • Podium and microphone
  • Photographer
  • Coat rack


  • Tables/Chairs/Linens
  • Name tags
  • Conference/Meeting Information Packet/Pencils/Pens
  • Promotional Items (if desired)
  • Information table (staffing?  materials from department?)


  • Overhead projector
  • Slide projector
  • CD player
  • DVD player
  • Laptop
  • Podium with microphone (podium seal?)
  • Lavaliere (small clip-on microphone)
  • Microphones for panel
  • Laser pointer and clicker