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Style Guide: General

Correct Name

Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences is the school’s full name and should be used on first reference in all communications. The shorter names Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences and Dietrich School can be used upon second reference. Only these three ways of naming the school are to appear in text.

For example:

  • The Department of Psychology in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh is a recognized leader in research and education. (first reference)
  • The University of Pittsburgh’s Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences offers hundreds of courses during its summer sessions. (second reference)
  • These courses will help meet various Dietrich School degree requirements. (second reference)

Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences should also appear in all mailing address information. For example, University of Pittsburgh, Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology, 3137 Sennott Square, 210 South Bouquet Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15260.

An ampersand is not to be used in text references to the school. For example, do not use the "Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences" in text.

A&S is incorporated in the school’s graphic mark. It is also the official abbreviation for all school degrees. Punctuate year of graduation with an apostrophe before the year. Set off graduation information within text in parentheses, not commas. A "G" after a year indicates a graduate degree.

Within copy: Elizabeth Mary Baker (A&S ’65, ’68G) wrote notes to the editor.

If a student received more than one degree from the same school in the same year, the year needs to be noted only once. So, if Jane Doe received bachelor’s degrees in anthropology and religious studies from Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences in 2001, her name would appear as follows:
Jane Doe (A&S ’01) or Jane Doe, A&S ’01.

University Writing Style

The University of Pittsburgh uses a clear, consistent writing style for all Web and print materials produced by and for the University. The Web sites and publications produced for Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences follow Pitt’s writing style.

The University of Pittsburgh Writing Style Manual is a comprehensive roadmap to the style guidelines adopted by the University of Pittsburgh. It is recommended that those working on Dietrich School Web sites and/or publications attend the “Writing with Style” professional development program presented by UMC several times each year through the University’s Office of Human Resources. You also can refer to the manual online at and/or e-mail questions related to University writing style to

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