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Physics and Astronomy Professors Return from Devastated Japan
Nancy Naples and Vittorio Paolone, associate professors in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, were in Japan working on a research project studying neutrino oscillation when last Friday’s 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck.
2011 Sloan Foundation Fellowship
Pitt professor of biological sciences Mark Rebeiz searches for the moment when a gene mutates to produce evolutionary novelties, from an elephant's trunk to the horn on a beetle
Tina and David Bellet Teaching Excellence Awards
Winners of the 2011 Tina and David Bellet Teaching Excellence Award are Christopher Drew Armstrong, assistant professor in the Department of the History of Art and Architecture and director of the architectural studies program, and Nancy Pfenning, senior lecturer in the Department of Statistics
iTunes U
Community generated content is a key frontier in digital media and Apple has offered an opportunity for universities to adapt to this environment through harnessing the extraordinary success of iTunes to further educational goals.