Dietrich School Funding

Dietrich School Faculty Research and Scholarship Program

With an annual budget of $150,000, the Faculty Research Scholarship Program (FRSP) is designed to fund requests for activities that will have an impact on faculty research and scholarship that is broader than what could be achieved by individual research allowances alone.  In previous years, FRSP funds were used by faculty to support high-profile conferences on thematic topics of interest within and across Dietrich School departments that resulted in publications by Dietrich School faculty.

We are especially interested in soliciting applications from junior faculty, recently-tenured faculty, and faculty who have not previously received FRSP funds.  The FRSP lead proposer must be a faculty member whose contract includes an expectation of research and publishing, but others can collaborate.

For a full description of the FRSP, and to submit a proposal, visit:

Dietrich School Direct Faculty Support Fund

The Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Direct Faculty Support Fund (A&S-DFSF) provides direct support for faculty research and scholarship at the level of $500 per T/TS faculty member.

Dietrich School Faculty Grants Committee Summer Research Grants

The Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Faculty Grants Committee administers a fund to be used to support faculty, primarily in the humanities and social sciences, by providing either modest stipends or funds for travel, library research, etc., during the summer term. The awards are made by the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Faculty Grants Committee after a review and evaluation of research proposals submitted by interested faculty. The committee consists of 10 members elected by A&S Council. Each member usually is elected to a three-year term; five positions are allocated to the humanities, three to the social sciences, and two to the natural sciences. Individual grants are made in two categories.

TYPE I. SUMMER TERM RESEARCH STIPENDS of $4,000 for research activities in lieu of teaching. The purpose of this type of grant is to enable faculty members to be free from teaching duties during the summer term to work full time on research projects.

TYPE II. RESEARCH EXPENSE GRANTS in support of specific project expenses such as microfilming, research materials, travel to libraries and other sources of information, and clerical assistance. Actual expenses from $100 to $3,500 will be considered. Full funding, even for successful proposals, cannot be guaranteed.

The announcement of each annual competition and the guidelines are carried in the December and January issues of the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Gazette, with an application deadline of late January. Although no funds can be disbursed until July 1, research projects of grant recipients may begin before that date. Awards are announced in the beginning of March.